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Why us?


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Supportive Ecosystem

Based in Puerto Rico, parallel18’s programs have supported 400+ startups. We foster innovation and growth by providing resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs, enabling them to thrive and succeed in their ventures.

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Since 2016, we have distributed over $15M in grants among our alumni and deployed $3.2M in capital to startups within our investment portfolio, fueling their development and scalability.

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Training and Mentorship

The 20-week curriculum offers high-level mentorship tailored to the specific needs of each cohort, drawing from a database of 100+ mentors. Our goal is to provide invaluable guidance and expertise for startups to scale sustainably.

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Investment & Connections

Access to investment resources and connections with corporate partners, leveraging a network of 600+ active investors in our database to facilitate strategic collaborations and funding opportunities, fostering their growth and market presence.

What we offer for #p18ners? 


equity-free grant.


investment through a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE).


value of active perks exclusively                              for our alumni.

High-quality business education is a must for every founder, especially when they are looking to grow and scale their business.

Become a #p18ner to make it happen.

What do we ask from startups?


We have seen the best success with startups that already have sales or users willing to pay for their products. For Gen.11 the traction metrics will be evaluated as follows:

  • Enterprise/Marketplace startups: $2k+ in MRR (monthly recurring revenue) with a positive growth.
  • Consumer products: 3k+ MAUs (monthly active users) with a positive growth.


companies that have a business model that can be adapted to other markets but that have already launched their products in at least one market.

Early-stage companies

startups that have been operating for three years or less. This timeline counts from the moment the company starts selling.

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Move to Puerto Rico for five months

Get involved with Puerto Rico’s startup and business ecosystem and be willing to stay on the island for the duration of the program.

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Plan for Puerto Rico

Have a plan for your performance in Puerto Rico. This includes hiring and acquiring customers, among others.

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This does not mean that they necessarily have to be technology-driven companies; we measure innovation as introducing a new process that solves an issue, or a technology that is intellectual property.

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Think you got what it takes?

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