Parallel18 is a top-level, performance-driven international startup program with a social mission: offer entrepreneurs from all over the world access to high-quality business training, funding, and networks to help them scale globally while working to position Puerto Rico as a unique hub for innovative businesses and technology.

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Our acceleration program welcomes companies from around the world to help them scale to global markets. Our team works hard to provide high-quality business education, develop business connections, and create investment opportunities for all our startups.

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Our local pre-acceleration program is focused on helping innovative, early-stage Puerto Rican startups that have global potential, to get to market. We are closing the funding and education gap that allows them to focus full-time on their new business and dream big.

Parallel18 is part of the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust. As described in Public Law 214, the PRSTRT is a non-profit organization created in 2004 to promote the participation and creation of jobs on the Island in the global knowledge economy by promoting investment and financing of research and development of science and technology. It invests, facilitates and develops the capacities that continuously advance the economy of Puerto Rico and the well-being of its citizens, through companies based on innovation, science and technology and its industrial base. With the goal that by 2022, Puerto Rico will be a center of global recognition that develops and retains scientists, companies and entrepreneurs of world excellence, to boost our competitiveness and creativity. She is also responsible for Puerto Rico’s public policy for science, technology, research and development, and public health. For more information:



Cristina Tamayo

Business Development Manager


Johann Padilla

Operations Manager


Menchu Agüeros

Outreach Manager


Lissa Barreras

Marketing Manager


Samuel Betancourt

Lead Creative Designer


Sylmarie Díaz

Startup Executive


Adalis Serrano

Operations Associate


Natasha Martínez

Startup Executive


Lucas Arzola

Investment Director


Adriana Pérez

Investment Analyst


Héctor Jirau

Investment Fund Manager


We forge relationships with organizations that help us keep creating opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs. Some of them are:

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