These are our #parallel18Startups

Download the ebook to learn more about pre18 & P18 startups.

These are our #parallel18Startups

Download the ebook to learn more about pre18 & P18 startups.

Startup Directory

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A directory created to provide investors and corporations a chance to connect with parallel18 startups.

COVID-19 changed the way investors and corporates interact with startups. With this directory, we want to provide an outlet to showcase our companies and help their networks grow. Our program works with startups from around the globe. As of 2021, 359 companies have completed our acceleration programs. Parallel18 is industry agnostic, but our track record shows that 65% of our companies are B2B, while 35% are B2C. These are our #parallel18Startups.

Caban Systems

Industry Product P18 Gen 5
Caban systems designs and manufactures modular lithium ion energy storage solutions for off-grid and weak grid telecom sites.


Education / Entertainment Pre18 Gen 2
Connecting kids in the diaspora with their culture in a fun and memorable way. Let's play CABEZOODOS!

Cacao 360 (Semila)

Ecommerce / Food & Beverage / Chocolate Pre18 Gen 3
Cacao 360 offers chocolovers the experience of enjoying real chocolate made using fine cocoa mixed with exotic notes of the Caribbean to get an exquisite flavor. Our company uses environmentally-friendly practices.


IT & Enterprise Software P18 Gen 4
CamOnApp is the Augmented Reality Platform that allow users to create and discover digital content in the real world.


IT & Enterprise Software P18 Gen 1
Next generation workforce management that validates plans are being executed properly, monitors progress and provides suggestions to workers on how to correct different situations on the field.

Candid Society

E-Commerce Pre18 Gen 4
Creative Puerto Rican brand committed to carrying a message of the importance of mental health, self-love, inspiration and empowerment. We inspire you while you inspire others.


Podcasting Pre18 Gen 3
Caproni is a delightful podcast publishing platform designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and companies looking to grow their brand. The easiest way to publish, grow and monetize your shows.


Logistics Solutions P18 Gen 7
With Cargo Five you can search, compare, and manage ocean freight rates across multiple carriers. With our platform, you can create a new quote in no time and give your sales a big boost!

Celer Ops

Information Technology, SaaS P18 Gen 9
Celerops enable organizations to be more productive by automating administrative tasks without changing current systems. Their automations improve processes to be 15X faster and 5X cheaper than the manual operation.


SaaS Pre18 Gen 4
We are a Data-as-a-Service company and sell subscriptions to provide our customers access to our platform and proprietary database on Puerto Rican companies.

Channel (ChannelGrowth)

Media & Advertising Pre18 Gen 4
Channel is an AI-powered marketing automation platform that helps small business owners who dont have enough time to run their own marketing campaigns or lack the budget to hire agencies or freelancers.


Heavily Regulated SMB Tools P18 Gen 7
Chaty specializes in the development of AI ChatBots with Natural Language Processing, that allow businesses to take orders and payments from customers via messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, iMessage, Google Hangouts, Telegram, SMS, etc.

Chui (True Face.AI)

Hardware/Software P18 Gen 3 is a suite of Facial Recognition APIs offering deep learning powered solutions.


Information Technology, SaaS P18 Gen 9
CINCEL is a blockchain based e-signature SaaS for LATAM.


Website tools B2B P18 Gen 6
CINCO allows Quality Managers to efficiently implement and manage their Risk Management Programs by providing immediate access to the data and quality intelligence required during Regulatory Agencies’ Audits.


Life Sciences Pre18 Gen 1
Streamlined risk management software for the life sciences industry.

Media & Advertising P18 Gen 1
We are the interactive video advertising leader of Iberoamerica. We drive 6X better ROI for 6.7% of Fortune 500 Companies.

Citadoc, LLC.

Healthcare & Biotechnology Pre18 Gen 4
Citadoc is an online healthcare company that facilitates the connection between patients and providers.


IT & Enterprise Software P18 Gen 3
Claimbot is the first, purpose-built Chatbot platform for Insurance. Our solution drives loyalty by transforming the way carriers interact with their customers. Claimbot delivers delightful, cost-efficient customer experience when it matters most.


Household Cleaners P18 Gen 3
Cleancult makes green cleaners that don’t suck. By delivering direct to consumer via our website,, they create the digital green cleaning brand for the millennial generation.


E-Commerce P18 Gen 3
Mobile commerce platform for customer retention (HackerBay, Inc.)

IT & Enterprise Software P18 Gen 4
CloudBoost is an AI platform which helps you build apps without having to hire a programmer.


E-commerce Pre18 Gen 1
An artist-run online gallery, publisher of limited edition art prints, and curated original worksof art dedicated to showcasing Puerto Rican and Latin American artists.

Corewell Labs

Healthcare Pre18 Gen 3
Corewell's mission is the elevate humanity's consciousness. Our telemedicine platform enables u to provide in-home psychedelic therapy to the 17 million U.S. adults suffering from depression.

Cosechas Tierra Viva

Agriculture Pre18 Gen 1
Cosechas Tierra Viva is the first smart farm in Puerto Rico, where technology meets ecological practices. We’re small farmers with big dreams!

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