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These are our #parallel18Startups

Download the ebook to learn more about pre18 & P18 startups.

These are our #parallel18Startups

Download the ebook to learn more about pre18 & P18 startups.

Startup Directory

Connect & Engage

A directory created to provide investors and corporations a chance to connect with parallel18 startups.

COVID-19 changed the way investors and corporates interact with startups. With this directory, we want to provide an outlet to showcase our companies and help their networks grow. Our program works with startups from around the globe. As of 2021, 359 companies have completed our acceleration programs. Parallel18 is industry agnostic, but our track record shows that 65% of our companies are B2B, while 35% are B2C. These are our #parallel18Startups.


Healthcare/Aging and ElderyCare/BIg Data Analytics/IoT Pre18 Gen 3
CRANEeH is a patient engagement applicadtion and telehealth service (SaaS). CRANEeH reduces the cost of delivery, improves the quality of service, and assists clinicians to make better patient treatment decisions.

Cryptx Labs

Fintech Pre18 Gen 2
Earn passive income with effortless crypto trading. Our service, CryptxBot Algo Trader, helps you safely profit in dollars from trading Bitcoin.


Government - Govtech P18 Gen 3
Ctzen is a platform functioning as a bridge between governments and citizens, making customer service, data collection, analysis, workflow routing, task prioritization, problem resolution, and communication both faster and easier


E-Commerce P18 Gen 9
Cuela is the biggest online artisanal coffee marketplace of Puerto Rico with a subscription model that creates a link between local coffee growers and roaster with Puerto Ricans on the island and the diaspora in the United States.


E-Commerce/Coffee Pre18 Gen 3
Cuela is an e-commerce platform that works as a direct link between artisan coffee brands in Puerto Rico with the local market and the Puerto Rican diaspora in the United States to expose, promote, and sell our variety of brands.

Cuida mi Mascota

E-Commerce P18 Gen 4
CuidaMiMascota connects pet owners with trustful pet sitters that offer cage-free, safe, and cost-effective care.


FoodTech/App Pre18 Gen 4
Dabb connect users, restaurants, and Influencers in a fun way. Our platform use gamification and emerging technologies like AR and NFT's to increase productivity in the Food Service Market.

Dame un Bite

Logistics P18 Gen 5
Dame Un Bite is an online ordering platform and logistic company focus in on-demand delivery. We are building a delivery network to bring convenience to people.


Logistics Solutions P18 Gen 7
Datascope allows work teams to collect information from their mobile devices, even without having an internet connection. All the information collected is hosted in the cloud and is available in real time, so that the other areas of the organization can view it, export it or integrate it into other software.


Consumer Data P18 Gen 6
A cloud-based AI platform that helps acquire, segment, and profile leads across free Wi-Fi zones.


Social Enterprise P18 Gen 9
DeafTawk provides digital sign language interpretation services that aims to empower 466 million deaf communities across the globe.

Dealer App Center

B2B2C Platforms in Traditional P18 Gen 8
The App Store for the automotive industry.

Dealer App Center

B2B2C Platforms in Traditional P18 Gen 8
The App Store for the automotive industry.

Dealer App Center

B2B2C Platforms in Traditional P18 Gen 8
The App Store for the automotive industry.


Sales/Marketing P18 Gen 5
Debmedia has an omni-channel customer experience automation platform.

Diseño Isleño

Manufacturing Pre18 Gen 1
We’ve developed a system for breaking down the design/fabrication process to turn them into consumer products.

Divinissimo Gelato

Food & Beverage Pre18 Gen 4
We are an exclusive line of wine-based gelato (Italian style ice cream), infused with different fruits and spices, that creates a unique flavor and an innovative experience.

DoCare (AppLivio)

Healthcare Pre18 Gen 1
Our purpose is to develop a system that optimizes medical office appointment scheduling and provide great care and service to patients, as well as to improve operations in doctors’ offices.

Dokimi, Inc. (EDUSYNCH)

Education B2b P18 Gen 6
Affordable and scalable English language proficiency testing and training for individuals, schools, universities and corporations.

Don Rifa

E-Commerce P18 Gen 9
Don Rifa is a digital raffle platform that will give users the option to participate as many times as they wish.

Don Rifa

Raffle App Pre18 Gen 3
In Don Rifa we gave the traditional raffle a digital revamp. In this way, businesses, organizations, or individuals can create an alternative source of income. Participants can track what is happening with their contribution and find out if they won or who did. Reach broader audiences, increase sales opportunities without being limited by the number of printed raffle stubs.

E-Farm, LLC

Food & Agriculture P18 Gen 1
Foodies want to purchase direct sustainable, agro-ecological and organic products and know the farmer. Farmers want to sell direct.


Govtech, Enterprise Software P18 Gen 4
EVoting offers a remote electronic voting solution through the Internet, increasing electoral participation in a secure, highly available, and voter-friendly web platform used by unions, municipalities, governments, and other associations


Educational Technology Pre18 Gen 1
Professional developmen platform for 21st century educators

Elegir Seguro

B2B Support P18 Gen 6
ElegirSeguro.com makes commercial insurance a “shoppable” experience online. Get and manage all your commercial and business policies in an enjoyable way.

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